To wait or not to wait

to wait or not to wait

The number of teenagers becoming mother at a very young age in the Philippines is at an alarming high.

Recent (2014) data from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) reveal that every hour, 24 babies are delivered by teenage mothers. According to the 2014 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality (YAFS) study, around 14 percent of Filipino girls aged 15 to 19 are either pregnant for the first time or are already mothers. Read more here.

These numbers can be interpreted as more children who will grow up with broken homes, boost in the increasing number of child labor, raise in numbers of broken families, high abortion rate, unproductive human resources and the greater damage is a destroyed nation.

Reasons why you should not indulged yourself in premarital sex during your teenage years

1. It’s a lifetime responsibility

It’s not easy to raise a baby. A teenager who is not yet ready might be overwhelmed by the big responsibility and constant needs of the baby. Financial difficulty may also arise during a teen pregnancy or after the baby is born. It is expensive to raise a baby. Teens who do not have full-time employment may struggle to cover the basic expenses of life upon having a baby. Possibilities are teenage parents because of lack of education will just settle for a risky low-paying or illicit job.

2. You’re life is valuable

Teenage pregnancy is very risky. You will face a lot of complications such as premature labor, medical complication during the pregnancy period. Not only that, teenage mothers are most likely to suffer social consequences and emotional problems. Teen pregnancy should be highly discouraged has it has effect on the teenage mother and the baby born.

3. You deserve a better life

Don’t miss some of the best life’s experiences of marching on stage graduating from University, earning money and buying all the things that you want, travelling to different places, bonding with your friends, shopping and giving back to your parents just because of a night of passion. All your life you will be stuck in that miserable situation. Its not bad to have a family of your own, but its best if its at the right time.

4. Broken Promises

Every girls fantasy when they were little is to be a bride, to walk on the altar with their dad holding their one hand, while their favorite love song is playing on the background, wearing an elegant white wedding dress and veil, eyes locked on the dashing man waiting patiently on the altar. Family and friends are present witnessing their exchanged of vows and ‘I dos’, the promise of ‘til death do us part in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health’ will be sealed. But all those dreams will eventually vanish if you listen to a boy’s false promise. You deserved to be loved, not to be lust. You’re not destined to get pregnant out of wedlock. A man who truly loves you will ask your hand in marriage and will respect you. You’re a marrying type not just a bed warmer.

5. Wasted Potential

The world you see right now is a very small world compare to what you can see if you will only spread your wings and fly. You have a lot of potentials. You don’t know what your capable of doing. With proper training, years of studying and continuous hard work and effort you can be a great woman of purpose. You can be whoever you want to be. You’re supposed to be changing the world, not changing diapers. Don’t exchange your dreams to a man who doesn’t see your value.There’s more to life than the temporary feelings you have right now. Loving him is not the only thing in the world, its just a very small portion of it.

6. He is NOT the last and the only man in the world

Why give your entire life to the first boy who showed interest on you? Why be impressed to a boy who gives you flowers and chocolates, asked you out on a date using his parent’s money? There’s plenty of them in College, what more right after you graduate from University. Its not about finding Mr. Right, its about being the right and perfect person for that someone meant for you. Every woman dream of a tall, handsome, smart and well off guy. In the same way, man also dream of a woman whom they can proudly introduce to their parents and friends, someone who comes from good family, finished University and has good character and values. Why rushed love and make yourself believe that the boy you meet will be the last man you will ever meet? You will attract who you are, be careful how you made yourself to be. Make yourself the best and man will just line to get your attention.

7. You conceive a generation

The decisions you make today will affect your future. There are things in life that cant be changed once its finished, cant be alter once its done. Being pregnant at an early age will affect the generation inside your womb. Studies show that boys born to teenage mothers are 13 percent more likely to be incarcerated later in life and the girls born to teenage mothers are 22 percent more likely to become teenage mothers themselves. Inside of you is a generation, you’re not on your own.

8. Be responsible

Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. Life is unfair, get used to it. Instead of trying to reason out your lack of opportunity for good education, and parental guidance, and growing up in bad and poor neighborhood why not use it as your strong reason for you to succeed. You have the power to change the course of your destiny. Turning to drugs and alcohol, indulging yourself to premarital sex wont solve the problem, it will only get the matters worse. Think of those people who were able to bounce back despite their negative circumstances. Be responsible for your own life because no one will be responsible for you.


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