Reasons Why You’re Not Where You Want To Be


It all used to be so clear. You vividly picture out what and where you want to be in future. Years had passed, you find yourself still not reaching the place, and you discover that you didn’t achieve anything. Take a look at the reasons why you’re not where you want to be in your life

You’re too preoccupied with worthless things

You have bad habits and poor lifestyle that consume most of your time. These things drained and exhaust you. It keeps you out of focus. It made you so busy and too preoccupied but if you will examine your life, reality hits you that you didn’t accomplish anything.

You have no sense of Urgency

You tend to procrastinate and day dream instead of confronting the reality and make your dream real. You always think you still have a lot of time. Without you noticing it, years passed. Time flies really fast and sadly because you’re lacking the sense of urgency you are left behind.

You’re stuck in your current situation

Your trapped, you can’t move. You made a wrong decision and it ruined everything, you’re now at the point of no return. You were so decisive back then, you didn’t think twice about the pros and cons of your actions. You were deeply caught with your emotion, you didn’t think logically. Now, you’re stuck in your situation and you can’t move forward.

You Settled for less

Dreaming is one thing but fulfilling it is another thing. You have discovered accomplishing what you want is not just a walk in the part. It requires constant hard work, consistent discipline and a lot of effort. You don’t want to pay the price so you just resolved to settle for less and stay in your safe zone wherein it won’t require that much.

You lack courage

Everyone can dream but only few can make their dreams real. You already accepted the fact that there are people who are not actually finisher of their dreams and you’re one of them. You feel defeated and discouraged and you think you have no more strength to pursue what you want.

But as long as you’re alive there’s still hope. What you need is to just take the first step to change. It might be a little late, but its worth another try.


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