Friend for Keeps: When your best friend is your complete opposite


She is your exact opposite. You’re not compatible with each other and you can never be together like water and oil, east and west, black and white. You don’t like her and she doesn’t like you. Well, the feeling is mutual.

She thinks you’re loud, you think she’s boring. She is prim and proper, you’re just carefree.  She is so demure, you’re always one of the boys. She is the teacher’s pet, while you’re active in clubs and orgs. She likes studying; you’re just easy going. She is the good girl, you’re the lousy one. One fateful day, life performs its magic and both of your worlds just collide and surprisingly you just click. You realized it’s not bad thing to be friends with the person who is the complete opposite of you. As the old saying goes “Opposites attracts”.

Things you will learn when your best friend is your complete opposite:

First Impressions are not always right

You will realize that what you can see on the surface are not the same inside. Don’t prejudge a person by its outward appearance alone. Besides, its your best friend’s character you will admire the most and not the cool and flawless facade she portrays.

There’s beauty in diversity

You have plenty of things to do and to talk about and the fun never ends! Learning about interests opposite of your own will make you so much better-rounded. You will never get bored with each other’s company because the learning is endless.

You got to see a very different world

It’s nice to see the world outside the box and got to see completely different point of view. It deepens your understanding and widens your perspective and it spares you from being narrow-minded.

You complement each other

You two just work together perfectly. You have entirely different skills and personalities that make a good combination. Your strengths are her weakness and vice versa so you can support each other.

You’re never in competition

Your have completely different goals so how can you be in competition? She has her specific goal in mind just like you so you just constantly support and encourage each other in harmonious relationship.

Less Drama

You respect each other’s differences. You don’t demand much to each other because you both fully understand that you still have a life to live. Friendship is not measured by the quantity but by the quality of time you spend to each other.

She has other friends

You don’t put too much rules and restrictions to each other. You just let each other to explore the world, meet new people, discover new hobbies and live life to the fullest. Because at the end of the day you know that she will look for you to share the stories she had on her adventure and it add learning to you.

Boys are not big deal

You have different taste and preference so boys are not big deal. Your goal is to protect each other so you take heed of each other’s advice and the goal is to just help each other find the best and the perfect man for the both of you.


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