Reasons Why You Need to be Patient with Yourself

But a road that fancy and fast ends in a fatal crash. 

This world of instant everything takes away the need for patience. We want everything and we want it now. We hate delays even waiting a couple of extra seconds for a page to load feels like an eternity, we want an instant result from weight loss, to getting rich quick. So many people are in such a hurry,  no one wants to wait. But in reality our attitude of instant gratification produces substandard result, more disappointments and increase in number of people who are depressed. Take a look at the Reasons Why You Need to be Patient with Yourself:


  1. It takes time

Success does not happen overnight. Nothing happens instantly. If you want to achieve something worthwhile it takes time. Building a castle takes much longer time than building an ordinary house.

  1. It’s a journey

Success is not a destination you will arrive one day; it’s the journey you take day by day. Accept the reality that you’re journey might not be a smooth sailing one, the road maybe a little rough and the slopes are all quiet steep but it’s worth the risk and it’s worth the fight. As time passed by, you will see a bigger picture unfold right before your very eyes.

  1. There are no shortcuts

Don’t be in haste. Patiently take the necessary steps to progress and don’t skip any of them. Don’t let impatience rob you of life’s wonderful moment that you can just laught at when you already reach the top.

  1. Things are easier said than done

Be kind to yourself. Nothing comes easy, accept it. Quit being a perfectionist. Give yourself room to make mistakes, a chance to do some foolish things, and to try several things that don’t work. Give yourself a tap on your shoulder for trying. No matter how small the effort is, there is no progress without action.

  1. Learn from Others

Many of the dreams we want to achieve have already been achieved by countless numbers of other people. Take the same steps as other successful people have done. Follow their examples and take the same type of steps they had to take in order to be successful. Read success stories of these people, attend seminars and conferences, take a closer look at their life, learn from them.

  1. Master a formula

The winning strategy for success is to master a formula. Once you find a formula that works, keep doing it until you create a momentum.


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