Real Men Cry

He is my financial guru. He is very knowledgeable about investing, business and financial management. He eagerly shared to me his secrets about the power of leverage and his personal experiences about stock market, insurance, converting your money to passive and portfolio income etc. How did I know him? I’m his English Teacher. He is my Chinese student.

He qualified the world’s definition of success. He is a successful salesman. He has huge amount of money in the bank. He owns several apartments in Beijing and he has countless of investments platforms. He travels the world. He has a family. But tonight, he cried. I saw how he tried to hold back the tears that try to escape his eyes. I felt a sudden pain in my heart, because I’m sure it’s not tears of joy but tears of agony and pain.

We rarely see a guy who can cry in front of people. Not only because of the ego part in the body of a man, but how the society defined man as someone who should always look strong and stay cool even when the big problem comes. We box our mind that tears symbolizes vulnerability and weakness which is not 100% true. Real men cry:

Men are human too

Everyone cries sometime. There is no exemption. Men have emotions too and they have feeling to express themselves. When a man cries there is a reason and it’s the same reason that other people cry. We are all human; some of us just choose not to act like it. We feel pain and disappointments, we feel burdened and troubled.  Why suppress your emotion and keep it to yourself if shedding tears will make you feel much better.

What you said hit them big time

They saw the sincerity in you. Either you laugh when you saw them cry or pour your heart out to share in their agony or just have a poker face, they greatly appreciate you.  You just said the right words at the right time. The words you said hit them big time. Their innate narcissist and egoistical character make them deny the solution to the problem but you just slap it to their face.

Nobody is perfect

A person no matter how strong and mighty has weaknesses. They make mistakes and they also have shortcomings. Shedding tears is a sign of repentance and acceptance of the things they did wrong.


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