Letting Go of My One-sided Love

How would our lives change if you only know how I feel for you? This question has been lingering in my mind. I tried to imagine different scenarios of what could be. My mind tried to make a story of us. But I resolved to keep it hidden and locked in my heart. Only time knows if this will be revealed someday.

You came into my life unexpectedly. One day I was just living my own normal life. The next day, I just found myself excited to talk to you and have a glimpse of you. I was not searching for love when I met you neither until now. But there’s just something in you that makes me like you. Or perhaps it’s just because the heart is deceitful. I don’t know.

I’m always cautious. I’m constantly on guard of my emotions because I fully know myself well. But what started out as friendship has grown stronger. I never imagined I would develop feelings for you. I know you always see me as someone way out of your league and you’re the man I just consider as a good friend. But everything has changed and I guess our world flipped.

Once and for all, I have decided to end this. If the time will come I know I won’t have any regrets that I let go of my feelings for you. I need to unlike you.

I don’t want to doubt His plan


Perhaps you might be someone else’s Mr. Right and the same goes with me. I don’t want to ruin a beautiful masterpiece just because I became impatient and driven by my emotions. There is only one person God has prepared for you. I don’t want to claim what’s not rightfully mine. I don’t want to end up, hurting and leaving you a scar. If we are meant for each other or even if we we are not, we still deserve the best and also be the best!

Let’s find what true love is 


It’s hard to love if we don’t know what true love is. How can a person love someone if  s/he has never received it? If s/he has never experienced it? Love is giving a portion of you. It’s hard to give what you don’t have. I’ll give you time to find to what true love is. And when the day comes that you find someone and its not me I’ll be more than happy for you. Let the word LOVE be imprinted in our hearts before we give it to someone else.

Before the boy meets the girl both of them must meet Jesus

Both of us are not yet ready. Marami pa tayong kakaining bigas. We are just starting in our own journey. Life has still a lot to offer. Let’s not settle for less, let’s spread our wings and fly. There are still a lot to learn and to experience. We haven’t reached the maturity in faith and in our personal life yet. Let just let God to use our lives first for his greater glory.

I’m doing you a favor


As much as I’m not ready, I know you’re not yet ready. I’m giving you a favor of preserving your life. I don’t want to be a distraction to you for you to reach your highest potential. I know you’re better off without me. God has a lot stored for you, get it! There are mountains to conquer, you can overcome it! There are plenty of wonderful promises, claim it! I just want to love you unconditionally not just  as a man or  a lover but as a friend and as a brother in faith.

I will protect you

I know in someone eye’s you’re their precious possession. You are someone’s son, brother and friend. If I cause you pain and agony, they will also feel the same way. I will protect you and wont be the reason for your downfall or heartache. I will protect you from myself.

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