To write again


I was a frustrated writer. I was so insecure and I think so little about myself. I love writing but I guess writing doesn’t love me. Though I’ve been a campus writer during my High School days, I still feel I’m not good enough. I always hear the doubting voice in me that I’m not skillful and creative enough to put my feelings and ideas into words. My failures in the past pushed me harder. It keeps on hunting me; it drowns me and kills every desire in me to write again.

For several years, I buried my passion. I neglected my first love. I took for granted the training my mentors patiently taught me. I make myself believe it’s not for me. I destroyed the path that leads me to my dream. I didn’t have courage to face failures, disappointments, defeat and distress so instead I play it safe. I stopped writing because the pain becomes greater than the joy writing brings me.

Then, after giving myself some time to pursue another path I found myself going back to where I started. Perhaps no one will forget their first love and you will always go back to where you’re really meant to be. I tried to bounce back and revived my passion for writing. During the process, I was really inspired by the encouraging quotes and message a young successful man and coach named Peng Joon posted on his Facebook wall. It really struck me to the core:

1. Every Master was Once a Disaster


At first, that is something I can’t easily grasp. I realized that I failed because I considered myself a master. My expectation about myself is too high that I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to accept the fact that I need to train myself more and I need to learn more. I was in denial that I’m really bad at it instead I want a shortcut. I often assume that great things are done by those who were blessed with natural talent, genius, and skill but without me knowing it they underwent a process. The day that I accepted I was not good enough, improvement comes. 

2. Perfection is a Myth


Perfection can’t be attain. Focus on progress and not on perfection. Focusing on perfection will make you disappointed and dissatisfied. It’s impossible not to fail at something in life because there will be things you are doing for the first time, things you are not good at, and at times you just get things wrong or under estimated the task in hand. The only path to mastery is in practice.

3. Don’t forget your dreamspj

It’s really easy to allow each day to pass by, and the sad truth about time is that it flies really fast and you don’t realize it. We have our responsibilities and obligations to our families, to the community and to the Nation. But don’t forget you also have responsibility to yourself to pursue your dream.

4. Face your internal battlepj3.jpg

Your greatest enemy is not other people but yourself. Desire not to be better than anyone else but yourself. Know yourself more. Recognize your strength and weaknesses, your skills and the areas you’re lacking. Find opportunities and confront the threats. In that way, you can face your internal battles.

5. Be consistent


Consistency is what separates good from best. Don’t just be starter but a finisher. Develop a strong discipline and strict training. Have unwavering desire to pursue your path of mastery. There will be times that you don’t feel like writing, but still push yourself to write. There are just things in life called ‘season’.


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