Writing is Sharing

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I often hear people say “A Writer is a Reader”. Well, I guess for me, it’s the other way around “A Reader is a Writer”. If you’re a reader you can’t stop yourself from sharing the wisdom you received from books you read so writing is an avenue to let it flow. That’s why every writer’s dream is to write a book so they can share their expertise to greater public.

Writing is sharing. You don’t want to hoard the information and ideas to yourself so you just wanted to share it. I remembered the story about Dead Sea, a sea where life does not exist. Why? Because the sea just keeps everything, shares nothing and it has no outlet. Every drop it gets, it keeps. That’s why it becomes DEAD. Read the full story here.

From the abundance of your heart you can create a masterpiece. You can only write what you hold in your heart to be true, from the deepest thoughts of your mind lies what your hand can create. From the quietness of your soul you can bring words into life.

For several years, I stopped writing, I just keep my ideas in me, I concealed my thoughts and I didn’t let my voice be heard because the pain of rejection becomes greater than joy writing brings me. I didn’t have courage to face failures, disappointments, defeat and distress so instead I play it safe. But it’s really true, that you will always be where you really meant to be and you will always be what you’re created to be. Read the full story here.

Everyone can be a writer because everyone can share but not everyone can be great writer. Because to be great requires a higher level of passion, training and experiences.

I realized to know the reason why you write is more important than the thought that you can write.

Follow me as I share valuable lesson from books, real life experiences, travels, and the wisdom from the Bible I acquired through the years.


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