My Adventure in Mt. Balagbag

balagbag edited

It was love at first climb. I didn’t know that climbing a mountain could be so thrilling, captivating and awe-inspiring not until I had my first climb in the Mountain of Gethsemane years ago. Since then, I always find myself dreaming to be on mountain top again, I missed the gentle touch of the wind as it caresses my skin, the deafening sound of silence while I’m savoring few hours of freedom and solitude.

Two days before New Year kicks in, I decided to climb Mt. Balagbag. I just wanted to be far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to have some quiet time to clear my mind, to reflect and to think about the year that is about to end so I can start 2016 fresh and new without any excess and unwanted baggage.

alone edited.jpg

Enjoying my quiet time while admiring the captivating view on top.

For a beginner like me, Mt. Balagbag is the best option to start off. They say it’s the easiest trail that one can try before trying out other mountains that require expert mountain climbing skills because its trail is wide and long. But my journey going up was not that easy for the road is a bit steep and rocky (things are really easier said than done).


Just keep on going! Difficult road often leads to beautiful destination.

Mt. Balagbag becomes a haven for many mountain bikers because of its trail.  It is also a popular hiking destination favored for its proximity to Metro Manila since its only located in Rodriguez Rizal.


Enjoying my journey. It’s long and tiring but everything will be worth it when I reach the top.


Expect the unexpected. Although it had a forested past. Mt Balagbag has now deforested area.


The shade of this small, lone tree became my temporary refuge from the scorching sun


Every cloud has a silver lining. I’m almost there!

The peak of the mountain is a plus factor why many mountain bikers are attracted to go there. At the peak of the mountain is where the “helipad” can be seen. A helipad at the peak of a mountain is literally like a helipad where helos can easily land.


The Helipad. The gigantic stage on the summit!

conquer edit

I conquered Mt. Balagbag! Kudos to me! But the dark clouds that cover the sky are not so welcoming!

Being part of the Sierra Madre range, Mt. Balagbag stands in the middle of Central and Southern Luzon and boasts a summit that offers a spectacular view of different horizons: From Malabon stretching to Manila and Makati’s cityline and extending as far as Parañaque and Baywalk.


The view is just simply breathtaking


Overlooking the city!

mount edit.jpg

Mountains are everywhere! Sierra Mader, Mt. Arayat, Mt. Sembrano, Mt. Tagapo, Mt. Maranat


I’m on top of the world!


Yours truly and my brother who made this climb possible and the man behind all my pictures.

After enjoying the breathtaking view, sweet serenity and moment of tranquility all good things must come to an end, my adventure here must also end. I wasn’t able to explore the whole place more because I need to go back home for I have piles of work waiting for me. I’m looking forward to go back to this place to stay overnight and enjoy star gazing and discover the hidden beauty of Mt. Maranat and the other neighboring mountains.


Going back to where it all started. I’m going home!


Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories.

What other things to do here?

Mt. Balagbag doesn’t only boast its beautiful mountain range but also its waterfalls and rivers that pave way for the possibility to traverse to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan or other barangays of Rodriguez, Rizal. You also have an option to stay overnight to see the dazzling city lights, the millions of stars the light up the sky at night, wait for shooting stars, and witness the great view during sunset and sunrise.

How to get there?
Ride a bus bound to SM Fairview Tungko then alight at Jollibee Tungko. At the back of BDO bank in Tungko, there is a jeepney terminal going to Licao-Licao; ride that jeep to Licao-Licao. From Licao-Licao, you may start your trek up to the summit or you may wish to ride tricycle going to the registration area which is actually a 30-minute walk from Licao-Licao.

First Registration Fee: Php 10.00
Second Registration Fee: Php 20.00
Tour Guide: 400-500 pesos (but not required)

Thanks for reading! Follow me to keep updated of my next adventure!


13 thoughts on “My Adventure in Mt. Balagbag

  1. aysabaw says:

    you know what, I lived all my life in Rodriguez, Rizal (except for the last 9 years that I am in Dubai ha ha) but I haven’t climbed any mountains LOL. and to think that the place is surrounded by mountains – I’m such a loser LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • simplygracelyn says:

      Really? Well, I guess you’re missing a lot of things! But you still have a lot of time to do that in the future! Just like me you will also fall in love at first climb and you cant resist the urge to climb again. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      • aysabaw says:

        ha ha…back in those days, LOL, mountain climbing isn’t really an “in” thing (at least in Rodriguez) so we never had any interest…its only these past few years that I’ve been hearing about treks in Rodriguez…he he

        yeah will try to do so when I get home…if i’m not too old yet to climb ha ha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. simplygracelyn says:

    Haha. Actually, my Korean and Japanese friends are the one who inspire me to climb mountains. I hate the scorching heat of the sun (Sayang and glutathione! HAHA. As what my friend always jokes around – though I dont use one and never used) plus the difficulty going up. It really requires physical strength.


    • simplygracelyn says:

      Hindi nman kau maliligaw kung walang tour guide dahil napakadali ng trail to Mt. Balagbag. But if you have plenty of time to explore the place, may falls at iba pang karatig bundok dun just read other blogs to know more. Mt Balagbag lang kasi ung narating nmin 🙂


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