Chicken BonChon | Yummy and Delectable Dinner

Traveling for one and a half hours from Fairview to Star Mall Mandaluyong, chattering non stop, laughing our hearts out with our silly jokes and witty remarks made me and my friend Angela so hungry! Before heading to CrossOver, a once a week Professional Gathering in our Church, we decided to grab a bite to fill in our growling stomach.

While looking for something appetizing to eat, me and my friend caught a glimpse of Chicken BonChon. Right on cue, we both look at our watch, checking if there’s still enough time to eat a hearty dinner. The Crossover Gathering will start at half past seven,  and its only half past six. We’re over the moon that we still have an hour left to enjoy a sumptuous dinner.


Chicken BonChon at Star Mall, Edsa Shaw Blvd.

Chicken BonChon always has a good impression on me, hearing positive feedback from my friends how delectable, mouthwatering and satisfying the food here. “Voted as the BEST chicken in America,” it is really something!

Chicken Bonchon is a South Korean-based international fried chicken restaurant franchise. BonChon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”. With the spreading and booming popularity of K-Pop culture, Korean restaurants are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend.


After getting a seat, Angela went straight to the counter to order our food. I chose 4pcs soy garlic wings rice box and large pineapple juice for 170php, while my friend Angela who who is an avid fan of Korean food and a certified foodie (the complete opposite of me) go for spicy Bibimbowl, a Korean Bibimbop for 100php.


Me and my friend Angela


Angela has been my friend since High School. We were also classmates in College and now Church-mate and sister in Christ.

The Food

I really did enjoy my soy garlic wings rice box . The 170php I paid which I think is affordable for young professionals and a bit pricey for students is definitely worth it. Chicken wings were definitely much better than the drumsticks offered in other restaurants. It’s so crispy and crunchy on the outside and tender inside. The soy garlic sauce coating the outer layer of the chicken wings with the flavors that burst out in your mouth will make you relish every bite! The flavor of the marinade–which is sweet, garlicky and had the right touch of soy will make you come back again! It was very good and I would definitely get it again!


4pcs soy garlic wings rice box with large pineapple juice for 170php

Angela asked me to try Bibimbowl, knowing that I’m not into spicy food still pushed me to have a taste. And well, it taste to so divine!  It is a korean mixed rice, garnished with a full assortment of pickled carrots, crunchy seaweed, delectable egg strips, garlic bits, sesame seeds, leeks and Chicken and BonChon’s flavorful sauces. It’s definitely a must try knowing it only cost 100php.


Spicy Bibimbowl for 100php and 4pcs soy garlic wings rice box with large pineapple juice for 170php

The Place

Stepping into the restaurant, the inside looks spacious, clean, organized and well-lit. The walls are painted with white and the black sofa blends in perfectly, making it look stylish and classy with relaxing and cozy ambiance.


It wont escape your eyes the simple black and white frames that hang on the wall, mostly facts about chicken perhaps. I didn’t actually care to read what’s written on it because all I care is my growling stomach.



The big silver chairs were also nice pieces of furniture! But I always prefer to seat on soft cushion of sofas because its more comfortable and relaxing. Good thing! The place was not not too crowded when we went there!


The Menu

They offered various delectable boxed chicken meals, seafood and Korean dishes. They also serve side dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks that will surely feed your appetite and satisfy your chicken cravings. If you come here with your friends, you can enjoy their Team BonChon group meal that will surely make your tummy and wallet on cloud nine for great discount.


The service

I’m satisfied with their fast and reliable service. The staff here are very nice and courteous. We didn’t wait too long for our food to be served on our table. The place is well organized and well maintained credit to all the crews here. I couldn’t think of any negative comment, except I just hope that the crew on the counter could try to be more genuine because it feels like she’s so stiff and scripted. She also needs to pay attention on the customer’s order. I originally asked if I could upgrade my drinks to float in which she nicely agreed but when I got the order she just upgraded it to large size pineapple juice. Well, she’s nice and diligent. I believe there’s always room for improvement (an advise coming from someone who worked in the same position before, way back in College).


Chicken BonChon is located at G/F Star-Mall, Edsa Shaw Blvd. You can also check out their website to check their menus and locations.






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