We are Giving Our Christian Vote to #Duterte

And yes, we are giving our Christian votes to #DuterteCayetano

Grace Locsin

As Christians, why should we vote for Mayor Duterte

Less than a month to the 2016 presidential elections, we finally have decided who to vote for president. All of them are good and can lead to some measures, but as a people who expect a spiritual revival in the Philippines; we have to look at different avenues to choose who the best candidate for the Malacañang Palace is. We prayed, watched almost every interviews, read almost all trending posts, followed each of their campaign journeys online, and we have come to a sound decision that we are giving our #ChristianVote to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Voting with a Conviction

We call this the #ChristianVote because this is not just a vote from a Filipino citizen (not that it is lesser) exercising the rights of suffrage alone. This is not just a vote out of our own personal experiences, ethnicity (Bisaya)…

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