Gracelyn is a post graduate student in  UP Diliman taking up MA Journalism. She currently works at home and enjoys working at her own pace. She is a passionate learner and a book lover. She enjoys blogging, travelling and loves helping people find their way back to God.

10 Things about the Blogger

1. She was not born writer but she was born dreamer
She was not born with literary gifts and ideas don’t just flow perfectly from her brain to the pages of paper effortlessly. But her dream keeps her going despite her flaws.

2.  She is a bibliophile
She is a self confessed bibliophile. She loves reading and collecting good books! She’d rather buy books than buy new clothes or dine in nice restaurants.

3. She is a first-generation Christian
She came to know the Lord when she was first year in College when a group of Engineering students from PUPSONS (PUP-Seeds Of the Nations) shared the gospel in her class. Though she was raised in a very religious family, going to church is just a religious routine for her. She experienced 180º turn around when she surrendered her life to Christ.

3. She is a cell leader in Doulos!
She believes that she was saved to save. She doesn’t want the love of God to end in her but she wants it to flow to the lives of other people and let them experience the restoration, redemption and renewal she experienced.

5. She never had a boyfriend
She wants a love story authored by God not by her foolish heart or logical mind.

6. She studied Broadcast Communication
She was a Campus Journalist from Elementary to High School. Her experienced as News Editor and her exposure to several renowned Media Practitioners led her to choose this path in College.

7. She currently works at home
After working for 3 years in private companies, constantly exposed to dreaded traffic condition in the Metro! She took a risk, quit her job and tried her luck working freelance. So far, she’s enjoying working at her own pace and be her own boss.

8. She wants to be a Financial Guru
Her journey to financial literacy started when she was 20. She witnessed how the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. She learned that the secret is just information, since then she invested her time and money learning how money works. She doesn’t want to work all her life for money but she wants to let the money work for her. She wants to help her fellow Filipinos gain financial freedom after she experienced it herself.

9. She is family-oriented
She’s very close both to her nanay (mother) and tatay (father). She has two older brothers. She’s the youngest and only girl in the family.

10. She loves travelling
She loves adventure and challenges. She loves the thrill and excitement travelling brings her.

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  1. rosemawrites says:

    Hi Gracelyn!! Thank you so much for following me! 🙂 I am so glad you found me! 😀 I believe Christian means Born Again Christian? If not, that will be totally fine! 😀
    I am sooo glad to know that we have a loooot in common! 😀 ❤

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