Chicken BonChon | Yummy and Delectable Dinner

Traveling for one and a half hours from Fairview to Star Mall Mandaluyong, chattering non stop, laughing our hearts out with our silly jokes and witty remarks made me and my friend Angela so hungry! Before heading to CrossOver, a once a week Professional Gathering in our Church, we decided to grab a bite to fill in our growling stomach.

While looking for something appetizing to eat, me and my friend caught a glimpse of Chicken BonChon. Right on cue, we both look at our watch, checking if there’s still enough time to eat a hearty dinner. The Crossover Gathering will start at half past seven,  and its only half past six. We’re over the moon that we still have an hour left to enjoy a sumptuous dinner.


Chicken BonChon at Star Mall, Edsa Shaw Blvd.

Chicken BonChon always has a good impression on me, hearing positive feedback from my friends how delectable, mouthwatering and satisfying the food here. “Voted as the BEST chicken in America,” it is really something!

Chicken Bonchon is a South Korean-based international fried chicken restaurant franchise. BonChon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”. With the spreading and booming popularity of K-Pop culture, Korean restaurants are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend.


After getting a seat, Angela went straight to the counter to order our food. I chose 4pcs soy garlic wings rice box and large pineapple juice for 170php, while my friend Angela who who is an avid fan of Korean food and a certified foodie (the complete opposite of me) go for spicy Bibimbowl, a Korean Bibimbop for 100php.


Me and my friend Angela


Angela has been my friend since High School. We were also classmates in College and now Church-mate and sister in Christ.

The Food

I really did enjoy my soy garlic wings rice box . The 170php I paid which I think is affordable for young professionals and a bit pricey for students is definitely worth it. Chicken wings were definitely much better than the drumsticks offered in other restaurants. It’s so crispy and crunchy on the outside and tender inside. The soy garlic sauce coating the outer layer of the chicken wings with the flavors that burst out in your mouth will make you relish every bite! The flavor of the marinade–which is sweet, garlicky and had the right touch of soy will make you come back again! It was very good and I would definitely get it again!


4pcs soy garlic wings rice box with large pineapple juice for 170php

Angela asked me to try Bibimbowl, knowing that I’m not into spicy food still pushed me to have a taste. And well, it taste to so divine!  It is a korean mixed rice, garnished with a full assortment of pickled carrots, crunchy seaweed, delectable egg strips, garlic bits, sesame seeds, leeks and Chicken and BonChon’s flavorful sauces. It’s definitely a must try knowing it only cost 100php.


Spicy Bibimbowl for 100php and 4pcs soy garlic wings rice box with large pineapple juice for 170php

The Place

Stepping into the restaurant, the inside looks spacious, clean, organized and well-lit. The walls are painted with white and the black sofa blends in perfectly, making it look stylish and classy with relaxing and cozy ambiance.


It wont escape your eyes the simple black and white frames that hang on the wall, mostly facts about chicken perhaps. I didn’t actually care to read what’s written on it because all I care is my growling stomach.



The big silver chairs were also nice pieces of furniture! But I always prefer to seat on soft cushion of sofas because its more comfortable and relaxing. Good thing! The place was not not too crowded when we went there!


The Menu

They offered various delectable boxed chicken meals, seafood and Korean dishes. They also serve side dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks that will surely feed your appetite and satisfy your chicken cravings. If you come here with your friends, you can enjoy their Team BonChon group meal that will surely make your tummy and wallet on cloud nine for great discount.


The service

I’m satisfied with their fast and reliable service. The staff here are very nice and courteous. We didn’t wait too long for our food to be served on our table. The place is well organized and well maintained credit to all the crews here. I couldn’t think of any negative comment, except I just hope that the crew on the counter could try to be more genuine because it feels like she’s so stiff and scripted. She also needs to pay attention on the customer’s order. I originally asked if I could upgrade my drinks to float in which she nicely agreed but when I got the order she just upgraded it to large size pineapple juice. Well, she’s nice and diligent. I believe there’s always room for improvement (an advise coming from someone who worked in the same position before, way back in College).


Chicken BonChon is located at G/F Star-Mall, Edsa Shaw Blvd. You can also check out their website to check their menus and locations.






While working from home has perks, it also has its pitfalls – boredom, loneliness and isolation, just to name a few. Today I planned to go out for a change in atmosphere, to find something amusing that is worth writing and to also flex my creative juices – so I decided to go to the mall and hang out in a nice café.

I was a bit surprised to see the mall so annoyingly crowded – I was like a fool talking to myself if there’s a SALE or a concert performance but it can’t be because its only Thursday. Then it hit me big time when I realized that today is a National holiday in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of EDSA Revolution.

Well, my plan was totally ruined, I walked tirelessly for an hour looking for a place to stay but the cafes and restaurants are full packed. I jumped for joy when my eye caught a tea house — GONG CHA 


Gong Cha is a tea house that was first launched in Taiwan in 2006. And there are now more than 170 tea stores popping all over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, China, Malaysia  and now in the Philippines due to its immense popularity.


The interior of this small tea house is of course Chinese inspired. The walls are painted red which means good luck. It’s very clean, modern, and created a nice comfortable environment to sit, relax and chat with friends in. The store was small and also packed with only four tables that can accommodate customers but with luck fall on my lap a group of friends were just about to leave when I entered, giving me a vacant table empty all for myself (Timing is really everything!)


I was really ecstatic as I approach my throne (I mean my seat). Letting my aching feet rest and enjoy a quiet time far from the maddening crowd. Though I’m not an avid fan of milk tea I still usually go to tea house with my friends (because they really love milk tea) while me on the other hand just order frappe, smoothie or fruit tea. But the endless options of enticing, mouthwatering beverages tempt me, pushing me to try it.




But my mind wins over my heart. I just ordered Chocolate Ice Smoothie, 100% sugar for only 105 php since I’m also craving for a sweet, chocolatey taste. I tried the taro drink with with tapioca pearls before and it was good. As you can’t have the best of both worlds this tea house doesn’t actually serve any sandwiches, pastries or bread just pure beverages. Too bad I was really starving that’s why I ended up buying food that will ease my hunger to the food stall next to this tea house which you can eat inside.


I liked the Chocolate Ice Smoothie I ordered, the taste of bitter sweet, creamy chocolate just blend on my mouth and my favorite unsweetened sago just made me too full. Seeing the menu of enticing milk tea and fruit tea tempt me for a second round but its already too much for my stomach too handle after also eating a full meal. I just promised myself to go back with my friends and try the Gong Cha House Specialty in which they have three ways to taste and enjoy it.

  1. Taste our special cream.
    Open the lid and drink, feeling the tea pass through the foamy layer.
  2. Sip our freshly brewed teas.
    Insert the straw and taste the flavor of the tea.
  3. Mix the two for that
    PERFECT Gong Cha experience!
    Use the straw to stir and savor the splendid texture of the mixture.


Though it was my first time and I went here alone, I still had a good time. The staff here are very nice, courteous and polite, the place though small, is very clean and has cozy and warm ambiance and  the options of delectable milk tea, smoothie, juice and coffee guarantee the best beverages experience. It’s an awesome place I found. If you’re just around the area, you can drop to try their best tasting beverages made from the finest ingredients on their menu.

GONG CHA is located at Ground Level Ayala Fairview Terraces. You can also check out their website to check their menus and locations.

Photo source: GONG CHA





Cafe Travel: Memories Written on the Wall

I was thrilled to bits as my most anticipated day has finally arrived—Friday. It has been a very busy week for me. I was tied up with my job, working my fingers to the bone. I jump for joy not because I’ll finally have my perfect day off or Friday night out but because our cell group was scheduled on Friday night.

By the way, cell group is group of people close friends who meet once a week with the purpose of developing holistic growth centered on the Word of God. It consists of people (dabarkads) from different walks of life bounded together with one common goal “To love God and to love His people”.

Well, what a better way to spend our quality time together than in a place that offers sweet space, cozy ambiance and delectable affodable treats. Our feet brought us to Cafe Travel, the newest coffee shop in Taft just in front of De La Salle University (DLSU) that opened just a couple of months ago. Since we are all sick of eating in fast food chains and typical fancy coffee shops, for a change we all agreed to have our cell group in this soothing place to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company.




It was all our first time to go to this place. We were expecting an ambiance of not anything less than travel hub, luggage, maps and pictures of beautiful places because of its name in which we think somehow was given a justice and satisfy our imaginations.




The inside of the coffee shop is divided into cubicles that look like double deck lounge, just choose for yourself which space suits you well. This set-up provides privacy and homey experience to customers while bonding with friends, studying for exam or even an intimate time with your special someone; or if you feel like melancholic you can even go solo without feeling alone!

Each nook and deck has designated tables and pillows that you can use as a cushion to seat on or for your back. And don’t forget to remove your shoes before going inside the cubicles or climbing the stairs for that’s the golden rule here.


Photo credit to Roxanne Ignacio

Everything looks perfect here if only the words hand written on the walls (by the customers) are inspiring quotes or bible verses that are heartening and uplifting.  A soothing sound of lovely and calming songs, Christian or inspiring songs with beautiful lyrics playing on the background is also a dazzling idea.


Photo credit to Claire Endico

And after all is said and done. We wouldn’t dare miss the chance to try this coffee shop’s specialty. We ordered their best selling Travel Special Vanila Oreo 180php which for me tastes so divine but for my friends too sweet, Travel caramel 180php and Travel chocolate cookie 180php and my most favorite ham and cheese sandwich 120php.




Photo credit to Shanell Rejesus

They offered variety of options of hot and cold coffee for the coffee lover out there. Frappe, beverages, smoothie, soft drink and tea are also available on the menu. And if you come hungry you can enjoy their mouthwatering sandwiches, pastries and cakes.


Photo credit to Clarena Gamilla


Photo credit to Adrian Claude Corpuz


Photo credit to Althea Lou Agosto

We really enjoyed our time here! Well, in fact we were the last group of customers left before the coffee shop close at haft past eleven. The staff were so courteous not too shoo us away. The company of this wonderful people made it a night to remember talking non-stop, giggling, bullying and listening to each other’s stories.


Photo op with the gang before leaving the place

The sweet, cozy space, very warm staff, delectable options of coffee, frappe, smoothies and pastries to satisfy your cravings will make you stay and come back for a visit and not to mention the free WiFi. So if you’re around the area, make sure to drop by. We will definitely recommend this to our friends since it just close to our service venue in PICC, it’s an ideal place for cell group and discipleship.

Cafe Travel is located at Archer’s Nook Dormitory – 2464 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila Contact No.: 0915-991-8416. Also check out there facebook page Cafe.Travel

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